Our dear and faithfull fans and friends.

We were determined not to organize the Pre-New Year´s Show this year due to the next year´s upcoming jubilee and to wait patiently for the 45-year anniversary of the band in 2018.

But in the last few months we have received so many enquiries concerning our Pre-New Year´s Show, that we finally decided to make this event happen.

We definitely don´t want to spoil the end-of-year time to our fans by not being able to enjoy it with the band they like and the friends they look forward to every year.


So dear all – as anually


for fans and friends of the Country Sisters is going to take place

on Decembre 29th from 19,30p.m.

in Sokolovna KOKONÍN Jablonec n./N

bus stop 101 direction Rychnov

There´s a restaurant where you can eat well and for all curious consumers there´s an information that the beer on tap is Svijany 11.

It is an ideal occasion to spend an evening very similar to the New Year´s Eve.

We are looking forward to you wery much. Don´t forget to book your tickets in advance enough, soon they will be sold out.

Book at: +420777208477



Nos chers et fidèles fans et amis.

Nous étions déterminées à ne pas organiser le Spectacle de Pré-Nouvel An de cette année en raison de la prochaine année jubilaire et attendre patiemment l'anniversaire de 45 ans de la bande en 2018.

Mais au cours des derniers mois, nous avons reçu tant de questions concernant notre Spectacle de Pré-Nouvel An et nous avons finalement décidé d´organiser cette evenement.

Nous savons que vous voulez profiter du temps de fin d'année et nous ne voulons certainement pas le gâcher.