Albisquetli 2017- The new member !

News February 2017


Several weeks of the year are gone and again one of our most important concerts is here.

For more than the 20th time we are going to meet our fans in Zurich at Country Festival Albisquetli.

And right at this festival we will introduce a new member of our band.

Her name is Michelle, she sings, plays the guitar and other string instruments and definitely she will surprise many fans by what she has been able to learn within just one month when she substituted Veronica like a flash. And there is also a good news for the disappointed fans of Veronica – we are sure that you will like Michelle very much!

Come to see our shows 25th and 26th February in Albisquetli. You might be surprised how we have dealt with the change.

We are looking forward to all of you so much and we wish you would come to support us at our first concert in a new lineup!!

Nouvelles Fevrier 2017

Quelques semaines se sont pasées et de nouveau il y a un concert tres importante pour nous - le Country Festival a Albisquetli a Zurich. Et c´est ici ou nous vous presenterons la nouvelle membre de notre groupe. 
Elle s´appelle Michelle, elle chante et joue de la guitare et les autres instruments á cordes. Vous serez surpris de ce qu´elle était capable d'apprendre dans seulement un mois et nous sommes sures que vous allez l´aimer beaucoup!
Venez nous voir et supporter le 25 et 26 Fevrier a Albisquetli avec notre nouveau lineup. Nous sommes impatientes de vous rencontre!