News 2017

Dear fans and friends of the Country Sisters


The jump in 2017 was really steep and we almost did not stand that. It was a bit miserable due to an unexpected and unplanned leave of one member of our band.


A few days ago a message, that our favourite member Veronica had left the band, spread quickly on social networks.

Yes, it´s true. Veronica said goodbye to us unexpectedly without usual agreement or notice in advance. We had to deal with this issue within one week.

Fortunately we discovered a new member incredibly quickly! She is amazing, great musician, she immediately fit the band and we are sure you will like her. Her name is Michaela and you will have a chance to see her 1st time in Albisquetli.

We wish all the best and a lot of success to Veronica in her new life and we hope that time will take away all the inconvenience caused by her leave.