News July, Jardin réunion 04/09/2016

Important information for members of all the fanclubs!

As every year also this year we are organizing a fanclub MEETING IN THE GARDEN.

We would like to invite all the fanclub members and fans of our band to Sonia´s garden which will be open for everybody 

Septembre 4th 2016 from 13.00 o´clock.

Again all of us who have something in common will meet and definitely there will be those who like the Country Sisters music, fans, who like us and are persistent even though their favourite band members left long time ago - we appreciate such fans so much - everybody will be welcomed and refreshed and we will try to entertain them as usual.

This time the entertainment will be exceptional because at this meeting we will give a go to the first part of an anniversary that has never been celebrated in the band.

This anniversary will belong to the founding Country Sisters band member Sonia.And because the band was founded in the last century, this anniversary number will be very high :-)


Some former band members have also promised to take part and we are sure they will be involved in the entertainment and making fun.

And that´s why Sonia´s birthday will be celebrated more times so as all the fans could participate and not miss.At the moment all is being planned and soon we will publish the next date of the anniversary and more information about it.

Dear fans, we are looking forward to you, we have not seen each other with some of you for quite a long time and we believe that this year´s anniversary will be really extraordinary!

Yours Country Sisters Sonia, Andrea, Markéta, Veronika, Petra

accommodations: Farma Vysoká

                            Penzion Ayky


Nouvelles Juillet 2016

Les informations importantes pour tous les fans et fanclubs!

Comme chaque année aussi cette année nous organisons le reunion des fans de Country Sisters au Jardin de Sonia.

Nous voudrions inviter tous les fans de Country Sisters au Jardin de Sonia qui sera ouvert pour tous le 4 Septembre de 13:00.

Comme d´habitude vous pouvez attendre non seulement

rafraîchissement mais aussi beaucoup d´amusement. Mais cette fois ce sera l´action exceptionnelle parce qu´on va celebrer l´anniversaire unique de la

membre fondateur Sonia. E parce que la bande etait crée au derniere siecle ca sera le chiffre élevé :-)  Aussi quelques anciennes membres ont promis la participation et nous sommes sure qu´elles vont s´engager dans le divertissement.

Parce que c´est l´anniversaire tres important on va le celebrer deux fois - nous voulons donner la chance a tous les fans de participer. Maintenant nous prévoyons la deuxiéme datte et nous allons vous donner les informations bientôt.

Chers fans, nous sommes impatientes de vous retrouver et nous croyons que le reunion sera vraiment extraordinare!

Bissous Country Sisters: Sonia, Andrea, Markéta, Veronika, Petra