Spring 2016

Maybe we have nodded off a bit in the winter time but we will try to chase what we have missed.

Fortunately in the winter time nothing special or disturbing happened, there is no threat of a change in the band, gigs are contracted till the end of the year and we are looking forward to many interesting actions during 2016.

In the first 3 months 2016 we played in several beautiful actions in France. The concerts were amazing with a lot of linedancers and there will be more actions like these this year and we are looking forward to them.

This October we are going on a Country Music Cruise again www.countrymusiccruise.ch . This will be our third cruising along the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece). This time the cruise will be much bigger with many more facilities and there will be many more bands altogether. It will be a fantastic floating bunch of country music.

Also, we are preparing a big celebration in our home town Jablonec, where our boss Sonia is going to celebrate an important anniversary and she would like to invite to this special celebration all her friends and fans. The celebration will probably take place in September but the exact term and program will be published sometime in June.

We wish you beautiful spring days and we are particularly looking forward to meeting you at summer festivals!

Watch our tourplan which is still being uptated so as you do not miss anything important and if you also want to have good fun, watch our facebook page where you can find recent records, photos and videos from our tours.


Nouvelles printemps 2016

Pendant hiver rien interesant ou alarmant s´est produit. Il n´y a pas de changement dans notre band, les concerts sont prets jusqu´a le fin de 2016 and pendant 2016 il y aura beaucoup d´actions trés interessants.Au debut de 2016 on a joué a plusieurs endroits en France. C´etaient beaux concert avec superbe atmosphere et beaucoup de linedanseurs. On a hate des autres actions comme ca pendant 2016.

Cet octobre on va sur le bateau de music country Country Music Cruise sur le Méditerranée.

C´est le troisiéme fois que nous y allons. Ce temps le bateau sera plus grand et mieux equipé e til y aura non seulement les bandes suisses et tchéques mais aussi les bandes americaines.www.countrymusiccruise.ch

En septembre nous preparons la grande celebration dans notre ville natale Jablonec nad Nisou. Notre „boss“ va celebrer un grand jubilé et elle veux inviter tous les amis et fans. La date exacte et le program sera publié au debut d´été.

Nous vous souhaitons une belle journée de printemps et nous nous réjouissons de vous rencontrer sur les festivals d'été!

Suivez notre tourplan sur www.countrysisters.cz et aussi le facebook.