June 2015

The beginning of this year was very interesting. Summer has not started yet and we have already been by the sea four times. We recently returned from the Country Cruise 2015 and again we were excited. For the second time at sea with country music, with our fans, with other musicians and with perfect service. And of course with daily concerts and daily trips. Both challenging but great. So it was a nice working vacation. Every day at the sea, and every day a nice concert for a great audience- what more could a musician wish. The next cruise for next year is being prepared and maybe we will not be missing even at this one. We will see and let our fans know in time. Only two weeks after returning, we had an opportunity to have a gig at a festival in France, which took place in Revest-Les-Eaux, a few kilometres from Toulon on the Mediterranean coast. A beautiful festival in the middle of the town with lots of people, great weather and great organization. So to sum up : in January at the Baltic sea, in February the South China Sea, the Adriatic Sea in May and again in May at the Mediterranean Sea. For the band from the center of Europe where there is no sea, it is pretty much  And what is more that one sea is waiting for us in August and maybe another one in Septembre….but let´s not jump ahead. We wish all our fans a great summer holiday with beautiful places and we are looking forward to seeing you at summer festivals!