Miri Festival Malaysia 03/2015

News March 2015

We have passed the first quartal of 2015 and we have to confess that we have enjoyed this time very much. A month ago we got back from Malaysia tour and we would like to share our experiences with our fans.

As we know, Malaysia is a beautiful exotic country and it is a pity we could not stay there a bit longer. But even the short time we spent there was enough for us to say that we wat to go back one day 

We met super people there, we made several tours in the jungle and among local inhabitants, we passed through beaches, tasted local specialities. The only thing we regret is that we did not see crocodiles – even we tried hard to see them.

But the main purpose of our trip to Malaysia was to perform at Miri Country Festival on Borneo island.

The festival took place on the coast at the holel and was very well organized. We would like to say thank you to the organization team lead by Asif Pishori for their professional approach and work. The festival was in its organisation and safety fully comparable with country festivals in Europe.

Because of the fact that our band has already been involved in many festivals, we think we can afford to compare and evaluate. If all these festivals in Asia are going to be organized like this, we will be looking forward to being there – in case we get onward invitation 

But we strongly believe that of behalf of reactions of the audience, we appealed on them and we will be able to get back to Malaysia.