bandmaster, bass guitar
Birthday September 28th
Horoscope Libra
Country Sisters since 1972




"If I wrote my biography in detail, there would be no space for any other girl. To write a biography at my age would fill a book. I'm going to take it as briefly as I can, which is really difficult for me, because I am talkative by nature." 
"I was born in Liberec and after graduation from the grammar school in Liberec I moved to Jablonec to follow my then love - horses and riding school. I spent 10 full years with horses and then I heard a musical instrument called banjo one day. It was a total novelty at the time. I started listening to Waldemar Matuska and found a true love - COUNTRY MUSIC. I am still in love with this music and I guess I always will be."


Musical biography
"As I was around country music, listening to it, banging on the guitar, singing songs at bonfires, being in touch with musicians and searching for American LP's, I got an idea to found a band. Originally it was a group of former female singers on maternity leave and that was the way "Jizerska Protez" was founded. Later on the band adopted the new name "Country Sisters" because of touring abroad. From the very beginning I was the spokeswoman, emcee and bandmaster. I've been doing this until now, but I just changed the musical instrument every decade - banjo, guitar, steel guitar, bass guitar. The beginnings weren't easy at all. It was very difficult to play country music under totalitarianism. We had to pass various test performances just to get the official approval to play for people. Despite the fact we were amateurs, we had to be politically correct as well. When we wanted to play abroad, we had to pass a test performance at the Pragokoncert and those tests were pretty demanding. They wanted to be sure we wouldn't shame our socialist homeland or so. On the other hand, thanks to those senseless duties we gained a very strong position on foreign stages a long time before the Velvet Revolution. We still have a good reputation all over Europe (and I hope we will always have). We are really grateful for this and we are aware of how tough it is and how much hard work, patience and a bit of good luck it all involves."
"As time was passing by, the band was changing its style, musical instruments, locations, associates, managers and, of course, band members, who were leaving the band either to go on maternity leave, to join another band or due to personal reasons. After 35 years the band has been formed in today's shape. I've been formed in today's shape either... I am finally a grown-up woman who knows what she wants, she doesn't let people make her stupid that easily and she has a homogenous view of the world around her. This woman has done a lot of work that can be seen (or rather heard), and she's only sorry she's not 30 years younger to prance on the stage for 30 more years, because she's still enjoying every moment of it so much."

"Well, that's a biography! When I have it published it someday as "How I Played in a Female Band", that's gonna be fun (and believe me or not, I'm serious about that)."



music, travelling, nature, garden, dog


Music the best country music but sometimes I bear also Bon Jovi, Chris Rea and Springsteen
Color black, yellow, green
Fower yellow rose, orchid
Food fish in any form, chips


Fast info

1) What's your idea of an ideal man? 
"Any man under 3."
2) Can you bake a cake? 
"I don't make unhealthy stupid things like that."
3) Is there anything you keep losing?