vocal, guitar

Birthday:  Juny 8th

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Country Sisters since 2014


Petra took lessons of solo singing and singing in a choir at her preschool age. She started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and also took basics of playing the piano and drums at Music School in Novy Bor. Later she started writing her own songs, which she performed in the band May Day (nowadays JinxX), which she founded in Liberec. She moved to Liberec to pursue a career in music and musical offers started piling up. Petra has gone through various genres including folk, pop, rock, jazz, gospel and eventually country. She studied at Euroschool in Ceska Lipa with specialization in foreign languages and international trade. She worked as an assistant in an office for a while and also as a receptionist at a hotel. Petra’s values are health and family as well as music, which she likes to combine with traveling. That part came true when she joined the Country Sisters in 2014.


music, traveling, songwriting, tennis, bowling, reading, making jewellery and pole dance


Music: she likes any kind of music, for example rock (Sixx A.M.), pop (Adele), country (Dixie Chicks, R’n’B (Beyoncé). Her favorite band has always been the Beatles.

Color: purple

Flower: tulip and calla

Food: cheese of all kinds, Italian and Greek cuisine