vocal, guitar, ukulele

Birthday: June 28th

Horoscope: cancer

Country Sisters: since 2017


Hobbies: Music, sports (my favourite are ball games-Basketball), dancing



In the kindergarten me and my two siblings visited a choir Skřivánek (I guess our parents wanted us to be a sibling musical trio….unsuccessfully  ). Therefore I have been lead to music since my childhood. In the second class I started playing basketball which I have been playing until now. Sometimes it was and will be difficult to combine sport and music, but the effort pays off if you like both these activities, like I do. Inicially I wanted to play the piano but finally my parents and relatives persuaded me to play the guitar (they intended to make me a personal portable jukebox  ). I started to learn to play the guitar in the second class. At the begining I was not enjoying it at all. I used to make various excuses so as I would not have to go to the lesson. Of course my parents were relentless and pushed me to go there which I am grateful for today. I learned at about 8 years and then I continued learning at home. I visited several singing competitions (there were not many of them because I used to be a shy kid). At one of these competitions Pattie asked me if I wanted to try singing with the Country sisters some time.

I immediately accepted this offer. I had a chance to sing with this great band several times. At the begining of 2017 the lighning from the clear sky came and I got a message that I was accepted in the band. It was a bit hurriedly but I believe all will go well and the effort and hard work of the band will pay off.

I had always wanted to be a member of some band and with this my wish came true.


Favorites Music: music of all kinds: Rock (Pink Floyd, Foreigner), Pop (Pink, Jessie J), R&B (Lauryn Hill),

Favourite singer: Ed Sheeran