Birthday November 4th
Horoscope Scorpio
Country Sisters since 2012




Maggie grew up listening to music and in the 2nd grade of the elementary school started attending a music school in Tanvald. First she wanted to play guitar, but eventually decided to play fiddle. She fell in love with this music instrument so much, that she considers it an essential part of her life. She also attended various music workshops and courses. In 2009 Maggie joined a chamber orchestra in Jablonec and then the Iuventus, Gaude choir in January 2010. Her parents were listening to country music at home a lot and were also taking Maggie to numerous country festivals, which is when she fell in love with this genre. Maggie and her sister were also often playing music at the home in the evenings. She never studied music, but always wanted to play in a country band. This dream eventually came true when she won auditions to play in the Country Sisters in 2011. She also wants to focus on studying fiddle at a conservatoire.



family and friends, drawing, reading, puppy Jerry, nature, taking pictures in the nature, walks and of course traveling and getting to know new countries


Music various music genres, especially good music - country, bluegrass, musicals, classical music
Color all colors
Flower rose
Food mandarins, cherries, chocolate, coconut in all forms, sirloin with bread dumplings, anything with rice, baked potatoes


Fast info

1) What part of the world would you like to visit?
"I want to see Paris."
2) Would you ever get a crew cut?
"Never! I like my long hair and I´d never do it!"
3) What is your bad habit?
"I tend to play with my hair in my sleep, so in the morning it takes a lot of effort to brush it."