vocal, piano, keyboards
Birthday August 5th
Horoscope Leo
Country Sisters since 2011




Since she was a really good child, Andrea didn´t resist and obediently attended piano lessons and sang in a choir upon her parents´ request. She only didn´t enjoy the theory. After 3 years she got a private teacher and thanks to her she´s been playing the piano ever since. Andrea says her piano teacher was a 75-old bleached blonde, who had more energy than all her students altogether. They anually performed at classical music concerts in Prague. Andrea attended her lessons until she was 22. She joined her first band at the age of 17 and it was a country band called "FRIENDS". Switching from the piano to the keyboards was harder than she expected, because she didn´t have experience with improvizations nor playing in the band in general, so she had to practise a lot. The band broke up after 2 years and Andrea joined the just arising band "Houpací kůň" ("The Rocking Horse"), which she found via an advertisement. She played in the band for 8 years until she left to become a member of the Country Sisters. She has lots of great memories from playing with Houpací kůň from the Prague clubs and small festivals around Prague. Andrea also played with a southern rock band called "Sweet Pain", which helped her extend her musical style. Andrea says that playing with the Country Sisters fullfills her in a great way, because she gets to work with great musicians and she can play really great country music.



music (both playng and listening to), fitness and moving body in general, healthy food, puppy (crazy terrier Jack Russel), spiritual life and dealing with the aura and life energies


Music good country music, rock and bluesrock
Color red, white, purple
Flower sunflower
Food fish and all sea food alike, meatballs with potato paste


Fast info

1) Can you bake a cake?
„Yes, but only if I´m forced to or somebody threatens me.“
2) What was the most unusual item you´ve ever been asked to sign for a fan?
„A hairy male chest, where the autograph couldn´t have been even seen.“
3) Have you ever eaten any exotic animal?
„Snails. I often prepare them at home, too.“